Holiday Gift Guide for Kids: 10 Local Canadian Makers & Designers

It’s mid-November (already!) and we’re here to give you some gift ideas so you can check a bunch of small people off your holiday list. We’ve rounded up 10 awesome, local, Canadian independent creators, makers and designers who have some great stuff for the little ones in your life.

Shop locally 

It’s more important than ever to support our communities in every way we can. By making your holiday purchases locally, these fabulous REAL, LIVE people can continue their creative work, pay their bills, help make the world a bit of a better, more sustainable place AND bring some smiles to the wee ones. So everyone ends up happier and healthier for the holidays!

10 independent Canadian shops for the kids on your holiday list

1. smallbooks


Activity and sketchbooks: OK, shameless self-promotion. Our activity books and sketchbooks make the perfect Christmas gift for both kids and grown ups. The activity book is great for kids aged 3-7 (ish) and the sketchbooks are for all ages! Designed in Victoria, BC, these are high quality, design-led books that will keep little ones engaged and busy during the holidays and beyond. @smallbookshop


2. Pipsneaks 


Little shoes: For even smaller people, our friends over at Pipsneaks make these fabulous soft-soled sneaks for babies and toddlers that stay put. Made with love in Nelson, BC by one of our favourite people, Galen! @pipsneaks


3. Wee Woolies

wee woollies

Warm wear: Keep your little one's toasty warm with Wee Woolies, they stock merino wool children's clothing and sleepwear for newborns to 10yrs. Eco-friendly, organic, ethical, sustainable and made in Vancouver, BC! @weewoollies 


4. mimiTENS


Mittens & accessories: mimiTENS is a made up word intended to sound like 'mes mitaines' which means 'my mittens' in French.  While mimiTENS began making mittens, it has grown to make more fabulous children's accessories, direct from Toronto, Ontario. @mimitens 


5. Little Larch

little larch

Natural play-dough: Little Larch is natural play-dough made in Calgary, Alberta, without the use of synthetic dyes or scents. They use only plant-based dyes (like beetroot and turmeric) and it’s scented with essential oils. (honestly we love that play dough smell but lavender is awfully nice too, and maybe better for us:) @little.larch


6. SoYoung 

so young

Backpacks & lunch bags: SoYoung is a Canadian brand in Etobicoke, Ontario. We love their fabulous backpacks and lunch bags with loads of thoughtful details like waterproof bottoms and mesh side pockets. They’re all durable, sustainable and super stylish. @soyounginc 


7. Cate & Levi

cate levi

Stuffies: These are one of a kind, handcrafted, eco friendly puppets, stuffed animals & more made in Toronto, Ontario, and every purchase you make helps send a child fighting cancer to summer camp. @cateandlevi


8. Sofs


Craftyness: Sofs are the sweetest 3D paper model kits that you assemble at home (we love stuff that we can make!). “Sofs” is a retired international alpine skiing athlete with a degree in psychology from McGill and also a self taught graphic/pattern/industrial designer who makes these fabulous kits in Montreal! @sofsdesigns


9. The Wild

the wild

Clothing: The Wild is a collection of modern, minimalist apparel for your little ones. They specialize in unisex clothing featuring high-contrast, quirky characters that are perfect for both babies and kids, made in Hamilton, Ontario by parents Billy and Adriane. @thewildkidsapparel


10. adzif


Home decor: ADzif is a Montreal company who design, manufacture and distribute wall decals and wall accessories through a partnership with 20 independent artists. @adzif