Meet the Makers

We founded smallbooks to create the kinds of activity books we wanted our own kids to have - engaging, fun activities that help kids get interested in design, encourage curiosity, welcome messiness and mistakes, and create designs for themselves. And we thought it would be fun. 

Ross is a graphic designer and creative director at Becoming Design Office, located in Victoria, BC, where he lives with his partner and two young kids. With a background designing for kids, Ross watched how his oldest son (currently 5), interacted with various activity books and realized there was an opportunity to add design thinking into the creation of the books and also an opportunity to bring early design education to young kids. The result of this thought was the birth of smallbooks, an unexpected but very welcome addition to the family!

Eva has been in design communications for most of her career, working with creative people to share compelling stories and communicate beautiful work. She has a degree in English Literature and Publishing and a lifelong obsession with design. After 10 years in London at an architecture practice, and a bunch of travels around Europe, she recently moved back to her childhood city on Vancouver Island, Canada. She has a little 5-year-old munchkin who loves putting IKEA products together, practicing somersaults and eating every kind of cheese.  

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